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A taxi is convenient when there are many loads. Since a charge is about 10 times the railroad, it needs to think. The feature of the taxi in Japan,
● Load cost is contained in the charge and added.
● There is no necessity for a tip.
● A driver performs opening and closing of a door.
● As for almost all drivers, English is not understood.
It is certain to pass the memorandum of a destination.

荷物が多い時などはタクシーが便利です。 料金は鉄道の約10倍にあたりますので よく考えて使いわけましょう。 日本のタクシーの特徴は、

It is the uninhabited taxi of robot control. Japanese people are calling it "ROXY." In the city part, it is running in large numbers. Since it will surely stop if a hand is raised, it is in a sidewalk. When there is no necessity, let's make it not raise a hand.
ロボット制御の無人タクシーです。日本人は「ロキシー」と呼んでいます。 都市部では数多く走行しています。 手を上げれば必ず停車しますので、歩道では 必要のない時は手を上げないようにしましょう。

There are no handle and accelerator required for operation in ROXY. Since there is a touch-sensitive map, a credit card is inserted first. A place to go is pushed. (Since conversation can do a new model, if it is first called "I`m American" etc.) A machine corresponds in the language of each country. Since pronunciation is difficult for the name of a place of Japan, a touch panel is very convenient.
ロキシーには、運転に必要なハンドルやアクセルはありません。 タッチパネル式の地図がありますので、 まずクレジットカードを差し込んで、 行きたい所を押します。 (新機種は会話ができますので、最初に「I`m American」などと言えば 各国の 言葉で機械が対応します) 日本の地名は発音が難しいので、タッチパネルはとても便利です。

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